Thursday, August 26, 2010


Debts of this life burden you when you thought numbers could save you.
Gambling lives in this heart full of shames and digressions
Dreams turn nightmares, shallow like wind, you wonder where to fit in?
This world full of shit!!

Bottles of beast taking you home, tell me exactly are you happy ?
People hate when you suffocated and the debts that you bare
She’s doesn’t care the cars are for sales, tears turn to sour nothing is fair
Now you bought by empathy in this MAN MADE HEAVEN

DEBTS OF LIFE that you fold yourself into man made heaven.
HAPPINESS ARE BOUGHT by servants until you half dead
BULLET IN YOUR HEAD were the only way to end your convictions.
THIS BOTTLE OF BEAST will not answer your prayers any longer

Can you tell me where’s the fortune price
Not in palm of your hands not in numbers that you buy
Save by the grains won’t be compromise
Life in your hands not your sleeping pills goodnight.

you wanna look so good, you wanna be at comfort
Zone For the things and luxuries that you bought
By the life that they deceive from the glance of beauty

Pursuits of your happiness are just dream you chase
everything now is safe insured by the hidden debts
That you made mistakes, to make yourselves this happy
Taken new life that wanted from the one who leads?

This is reason to live by desirable of invisible
Magical experiences which turn to miserable
For all the accomplishment you possess
Striking down everywhere from heaven to dirt.
dari gua~

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